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Here are some of the big reasons why Las Vegas homeowners are saying goodbye to the traditional hassle-filled process and Hello to SellEasyLV

Competitive cash offer within 24 hours

Our unique process will get you a Competitive cash offer within 24 hours so that you can make the best decision for your as quickly as you’d like.

Get Cash NOW and Stay in the Home

You get paid Cash NOW, but can stay in the home Rent free while you find your next place.

Choose Your Own Move Date

This also lets you Choose Your Own Move Date so you have the freedom to make a plan that works for your needs.

Sell Your Home AS IS

We’ll buy the home AS IS, so you don’t need to worry about any repairs or inspections.

Leave your unwanted items behind

You can even Leave your unwanted items behind making your move even easier.

Competitive cash offer within 24 hours

Our unique process will get you a Competitive cash offer within 24 hours so that you can make the best decision for your as quickly as you’d like.

Why We Can Pay You More.

What Separates from the competition?

One word: Risk.

Our competition is unwilling to shoulder more risk, so they put the risk back on you.

As Las Vegas local real estate experts, we understand the market, and know how to make nearly any home sale work. So, we take on more risk allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

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Simply tell us about your home's condition, features, and upgrades online. No prep work needed and it only takes minutes to complete.

Get a Competitive, No-Obligation, Cash Offer within 24 Hours

As locals ourselves, we know the Las Vegas market, this helps us get you a Competitive cash offer within 24 hours (often higher than other national companies.)

Choose Your Move Out Date

Get your cash Now and stay in the home, while you pick a date that works best for you to move to avoid double-moves and double-mortgages.

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No Realtors, No showings, No signs, No stress, no headaches, No hassles. You get to move on to your life's next chapter in the way that works best for you.

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Who is

We’re a team of long time residents and seasoned investors in the Las Vegas market. We’ve bought and sold over 600 homes so we understand the process and the emotions associated with real estate sales. We believe there’s a simpler way to do real estate, one that eliminates all the complexities and headaches. We also believe that honesty and transparency is the key to helping home owners achieve their goals with confidence and peace of mind.


  • Wait weeks or Months on the Market and the Deal May Still Fall Through
  • Inconvenient showings and hours of home prep work
  • Offers contingent on inspection, appraisals, and finicky buyers that kill the deal
  • Thosuands in Fees, Closings Costs, and Commissions
  • Uncertain closings and complicated moves


  • Get a Competitive Cash Offer With 24 Hours
  • No Realtors, No showings, No Signs, No Hassles
  • No Inspections, No Repairs, No Appraisals
  • No Commission, No Closing Costs, No Fees
  • Get Cash Now and Stay in the Home As Long as You Need

What We Mean By "As-Is" and
"Any Situation"

I will buy your home regardless of the current state of the house and I will help guide you through any hardships.

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Get Your No-Obligation, "As-Is" Offer Today!

No Obligation.

No Obligation.


Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit is simplicity and ease! Don’t worry about all the hassles that come from selling your home through a Real Estate agent. This sale removes all the headaches – no realtors, no buyers, no signs, no repairs, no inspections, no appraisals, no commissions, and no costs! You’ll also enjoy a speedy sales process that gets your proceeds to you in as early as 5 days. And don’t worry, if you need to stay longer we can accommodate with a free rent back.

No low ball offers. My offer is intended to net you close to what you’d receive by selling traditionally on the MLS via a Real Estate agent. After factoring in the current condition of the property, repairs, realtor costs, closing costs, and carrying costs I come to my offer price. You can compare this to a traditional model sale to aid in your decision.

I will buy a home regardless of any of the factors pertaining to the following:

–        Age
–        Square footage
–        Condition
–        Location
–        Foreclosure
–        Short Sale
–        Divorce
–        Structural Issues
–        Mold
–        Water Damage
–        Relocation
–        Job Loss
–        Liquidating, ETC

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Needing to Buy after You Sell?

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